Routesetting Organization & Monitoring

Routesetting Organization & Monitoring

The future of routesetting management!

Picture this: You have an incredibly talented routesetting team, but they're deprived of the valuable metadata that could help them cater to their community best. AMPclimb brings the climbing environment to the cloud, giving your team access to valuable data that will help them create an unforgettable experience for your climbers.

Enhance your gym experience with AMPclimb's free routesetting features:

  • Custom Wall Tags – Easy to print, easy to mount on the wall. Print a tag for every route in your gym.
  • Analytics – Track grades, holds and even move type distribution to optimize gym management.
  • Ghost Setting – Know which routes are coming next and where on the wall. Notify your team of each new wall reset assignment.
  • Push Notifications – Wall reset regret is a thing of the past. Let your climbers know that a wall is resetting BEFORE you strip it down!
  • Automated Feedback Collection – Climbers have a lot to say. AMPclimb helps turn their sentiments into digestible bits.
  • Localized Grading Systems – Choose the grading system that your gym follows, no matter what you use.
  • Import/Export Data – Your data can be filed in a way that suits your gym's needs.
  • Price – All Routesetting features are free forever

But we're not just here to make your life easier. We're here to take your gym to the next level. With Climbary, our sister app, we give climbers the tools to track their progress and stay engaged with every route. By analyzing your climber's usage and sentiments of routes, your gym can shift to a more climber-centric approach to routesetting.

AMPclimb provides insight into what your community really wants. With us, you'll be able to focus on what matters most - creating an incredible experience for your climbers. Our software does the heavy lifting leaving you with more time to connect with your community and take your gym to new heights. Are you ready to take the leap? Book a demo or sign up for free today and join the future of routesetting management.

Pairing information with organization can facilitate growth for every business. Your climbers will appreciate the effort.

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